CMC offers a suite of services across the entire credit-cycle for local and foreign organizations comprising of: 

. Credit Collection 
. Consultation Services
. Collection Software
. Credit and Collections Training 


Credit Collection

We offer cost-effective volume-based revenue and debt collections and individual account-based payment collection services, charged on a commission, fixed fee or hybrid fee structure basis. Not only do we provide collections services for accounts starting from as early as one day past due, we also offer pre-due reminder services.

Our team of highly trained and customer-oriented collections staff is able to take assignments across all industries, up to litigation, if necessary. We provide periodic reports on the portfolio of the accounts and these can be tailored to your reporting specifications. Our fully automated system keeps a log of actions taken on each account that we manage. There are no hidden fees. Besides telephone dunning and field visits; we also provide skip tracing and letter services. We adhere strictly to all regulatory policies and guidelines. 

Our aim is to preserve good relations between creditor and debtor while aiming to achieve the highest possible return on every dollar placed. Our staff handles a claim from the very first collection call to the final coordination in a lawsuit, ensuring continuity in approach and consistent communication. All our clients are assigned a dedicated team to handle their claims, allowing us to become familiar with their cases and accounts. Our investment in IT allows easy access to progression reports and claim information. We can also provide prompt tracking of claims with detailed reports based on the reporting formats determined by our clients.


Consultation Services

CMC is able to provide on-site evaluation of companies credit and receivables collection processes. We review as well as make recommendations to enhance existing credit policies, advise on operations and technology issues and offer all types of revenue management strategies to assist in better revenue control. 

We advise credit staff on how to manage their work more efficiently and assist in implementing solutions that could enhance productivity in the collection processes. As part of the consultancy, we also provide training on an individual or group basis based on your companies’ internal needs and existing competency level. We work with a number of legal firms, software partners and consultants to offer expert advice if necessary as part of our consultancy effort.


Collection Software

Our flagship revenue collections management product named B.E.S.T. (Bottomline Enhancement System Technology) Collections Software is developed according to standards and benchmarked against major corporations’ best practices. This web-based product not only supports the entire credit cycle but comes with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that enables companies to increase productivity and efficiency that does not compromise business challenges. 

Managers are in full control of the assignment of accounts, defining account portfolio, and even work list assignments. All system changes and call logs are recorded for management and audit purposes. The System Managers can define parameters to determine the way accounts and/or collectors should be monitored. Parameters such as promise hold days, no contact management and broken promise supervisor reviews are just a few amongst a set of more sophisticated parameters available. Customer-level viewing capability enables staff to act on all the entries related to the same customer, hence increase productivity and effectiveness. 

Our solution allows data exchange with any backend system regardless of database and can easily integrate with any call centre telephony system such as predictive dialers for further enhancement in productivity. 



Credit and Collections Training 

CMC has developed a series of customizable in-house training courses that could be adapted across different industries. We regularly conduct public seminars and regional conferences that offers a range of commercial debt, receivables and credit topics in one-day, two-day and half-day sessions to bring knowledge to people who want to learn more about credit & collections. 

We will be able to design and provide the necessary program structure to ensure a complete and up-to-date learning experience. Our program includes role-plays, computer simulations exercises, field visits and group work, besides dynamic lectures. Our trainers are practitioners in the credit, receivables, debt and revenue management areas and have many years of experience in the industries. Our trainers travel around the region to conduct training and to design customized courses to suit companies’ needs. We also provide speakers to companies, associations, national convention, industry groups and chambers of commerce as part of our services. We also work with partners to offer joint conferences, seminars and workshops as part of our effort to increase the professionalism in the debt, credit and receivables management industry.